Issue #4 September 2020 • 2 minute read

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  • Letter from CEO, Craig Cooper.
  • New COVID-19 studies and heart disease.
  • ATCOR wins new Bayer clinical trial contracts.
  • New smartwatch partnership with Google backed Mobvoi.
  • Announcement of ATCOR·X wearable analytics division.
  • Completion of wearable studies at Macquarie University.

From the Heart

Thoughts from our CEO, Craig Cooper


The cardiovascular consequence of COVID-19 remain front and center in the media.

In VITALITY #2, we reported that ATCOR technology had been recommended by The Artery Society to measure central blood pressure and augmentation index in the CARTESIAN Study—assessing long-term vascular consequences of COVID-19.

In VITALITY #3, we reported the alarming finding that the COVID-19 virus is “probably a vasculotropic disease, meaning that it affects the blood vessels.”

In this issue, we look more closely on COVID-19’s impact on the heart (below).

Although we’re not out of the COVID woods yet, in the last few weeks, we’ve seen promising advancements in the search for viable vaccines and new healthcare delivery models—including digital health, remote monitoring, and telemedicine.

We are proud to support these efforts with our gold-standard SphygmoCor® technology for measuring central blood pressure, arterial stiffness, and other vital cardiovascular parameters.

Stay healthy, stay strong,
Craig Cooper

COVID-19 and Heart Damage


As researchers, clinicians, and the general public struggle to understand COVID-19, new clues and insights are emerging all the time. Case in point: two new studies in JAMA Cardiology point to permanent heart damage in COVID-19 patients, even among individuals who were healthy before recovering from their initial symptoms. Although COVID-19 clearly attacks the respiratory tract, its cardiac involvement appears to be significant. The two new studies follow numerous others that have explored the cardiac health/COVID-19 connection. Read more.

Growing with Pharma Giant Bayer


Global pharmaceutical companies are among ATCOR’s most vital strategic partners in the quest for better cardiovascular diagnosis and care—and Bayer is no exception. We recently extended our agreement to lease ATCOR devices and to provide expanded data management services for Bayer’s ‘AVANTI’ trial at 70 sites in 9 European countries. AVANTI is one of two ongoing trials that ATCOR has under contract with Bayer—the other being the CONCORD trial.

Our SphygmoCor® XCEL is the only FDA-cleared device for measuring the central aortic waveform and reporting on associated clinical data in all adult subjects. XCEL is used by clinicians, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies to monitor critical hemodynamic data during patient treatment and drug trials in multiple clinical settings and for multiple disease states.
Read more.

X Marks the Spot


We recently announced a new wearable cardiac monitoring system being developed in collaboration with Google partner, China-based artificial intelligence and consumer electronics company, Mobvoi. The first-of-its-kind medical wearable sensor is part of a full suite of biometric monitoring technologies being created and licensed by the company under the ATCOR·X brand.

ATCOR·X offers a new approach to sensor-based vital signs monitoring — a full suite of consumer-friendly yet physiologically meaningful parameters for wearables, connected fitness, and consumer devices. Highlighted features available for licensing include Heart Stress™, Heart Rate Variability Plus (HRV+™), Arterial Stiffness Factor™ (ASF) and Arty™ Score which aggregates several ATCOR·X parameters into a comprehensive, personal heart and arterial health index. Arty™ quantifies an individual’s unique cardiovascular risk profile. Read more.

Ongoing Wearable Trials with Macquarie University


As part of our ongoing research to track and measure blood pressure without the need of a cuff, we have partnered with the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Macquarie University, Sydney. The current study collected sensor data from 34 participants which is being analyzed to gain insights into how each sensor captures blood pressure changes. Ultimately, this data will support our work developing cuffless blood pressure algorithms for wearable devices.

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ATCOR is the world leader in medical devices for measuring arterial stiffness and central blood pressure waveforms based on its unique FDA-cleared and patented SphygmoCor® technology. Under the ATCOR·X brand, the company also develops and licenses physiological and health analytics for wearable devices for medical and consumer applications. The company’s digital platform, ArtyNet™, is a connected SaaS ecosystem providing physicians with a complete telehealth solution for remotely managing patients’ health (2021 launch). ATCOR is a subsidiary of CardieX Limited, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:CDX).