Issue #3  July 2020

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From the Heart

Thoughts from our CEO, Craig Cooper


There is still so much we that we don’t know about COVID-19.

Some of the biggest unknowns involve relaxation of the great lockdown. “When and how should States and businesses re-open?” “How do we keep customers, employees, and residents safe?” “When will everything be back to normal?”

Difficult and complex questions, to say the least.

With specific regard to healthcare, there is a massive mobilization of effort on multiple fronts—from treating the infected, to developing a vaccine, to preparing as well as we can for the post-COVID world.

In VITALITY issue #2 , we proudly noted that our SphygmoCor® technology has been recommended by the Artery Society to measure central blood pressure and augmentation index in the CARTESIAN study —assessing arterial stiffness effects on COVID-19 survivors.

In this current issue, we report on recent investigations into the cardiovascular risks associated with COVID-19—including the startling finding that the SARS-CoV-2 virus may be a respiratory virus that also travels through the body infecting blood cells.

The global healthcare community has much work ahead to fully fathom COVID-19 and figure out the way forward—especially for patients with underlying cardiovascular conditions (like hypertension and heart disease) and other chronic disease.

ATCOR is excited to support those efforts with our gold-standard SphygmoCor® technology for measuring central blood pressure, arterial stiffness, and other vital cardiovascular parameters.


Stay healthy, stay strong,

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Assessing cardiovascular risk in the face of COVID-19


We’ve known from the very beginning that COVID-19 causes a wide range of mild, critical, and even fatal respiratory problems. However, we are also learning that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is “probably a vasculotropic virus, meaning that it affects the blood vessels.

In the current and post-coronavirus world, it’s more important than ever to use the best available technology to evaluate the cardiovascular function of patients. That includes individuals who may have heart failure or hypertension, but also renal disease, diabetes, brain disease, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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Webinar on managing cardiovascular aging using ATCOR technology


On June 8th, we held a special webinar , in collaboration with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Entitled “New Approaches to Cardiovascular Aging—Central Pressure Waveforms & Arterial Stiffness Assessment,” the webinar featured Dr. Mark Houston, a noted cardiologist and anti-aging expert.

Dr. Houston discussed how central hemodynamic assessment provides unique clinical data for managing patients’ cardiovascular health including:

  • The differences between central and brachial blood pressure—and why you need both.
  • Deriving arterial stiffness and other vital parameters from central pressure waveforms.
  • Personalized, precise hypertension management in the context of cardiovascular aging.

Said Dr. Houston, “You really can’t practice good clinical medicine now without central blood pressure . You can’t predict risk. You can’t predict goals. You can’t predict treatment. You don’t know how stiff the arteries are. You just have to have it.”

View or download a recording of the webinar here

No Pressure #1–Dr. Lee Marcus, Preventive Cardiology of New York


For the first of our new series of video profiles— No Pressure —Sales Director Ric Ruffhead sat down with Lee Marcus MD, a preventive cardiologist from New York.

Dr. Marcus talked about the challenges of practicing cardiovascular medicine at the US epicenter of COVID-19—and the likely impact on his practice in the future.

As a longtime proponent of central blood pressure measurement for holistic cardiovascular treatment and personalized medication management, Dr. Marcus is well-versed in the peer-reviewed literature. However, his main priority has always been real-world results for real-world patients.

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Optical sensor strategy lights up


In September 2019, MST Access issued a detailed research report and market valuation of ATCOR’s parent company, CardieX. Last month, they issued an update, maintaining their original valuation and summarizing some of our more recent key development milestones:

  • As reported in VITALITY #2, we are the first in the world to derive unique and medically reliable heart and arterial health features from a PPG sensor used in wearable devices.
  • CardieX has entered a multi-year agreement with Mobvoi, Google’s official operating partner in China, to integrate novel health monitoring features into their next generation of smart devices, based on Google’s Wear OS platform./li>
  • We are developing a CardieX Sensor Development Kit (CSDK), incorporating a reference design for a PPG sensor together with the CardieX algorithms. The CSDK will enable us to license our proprietary technology platform to third-party health-tech device manufacturers like Apple and Fitbit.

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