Central Pressure Waveform Animations

The arterial system moderates forward and reflected wave interactions.. These animations show how changes to the arteries, wave reflection sites, and age all impact the contour of the central pressure waveform.

Hypertension and ATCOR Central Blood Pressure Measurement

Hypertension leads to cardiovascular disease - the #1 killer in the developed world. See how ATCOR noninvasive central blood pressure measures blood pressure at target organs like the heart and kidneys.

SphygmoCor in Clinical Practice
Dr. Hunter Champion

Watch noted cardiologist Dr Hunter Champion explain how SphygmoCor XCEL helps him deliver personalized, precise care for patients with cardiovascular disease.

Central Aortic Blood Pressure is the Future
Dr.Venkata S. Ram

Watch Dr Venkata S. Ram explain how central aortic blood pressure is more sensitive than brachial blood pressure in predicting cardiovascular profile and risk.
Courtesy of The Right Doctors, a Google Launchpad Digital Health StartUp.