Precision patient care starts with vascular health monitoring.

Precision patient care starts with vascular health monitoring.

Monitoring Digital Vascular Biomarkers Matters

ATCOR is a leader in the digital biomarkers of vascular disease.

Personalize Patient Care

  • Optimize vascular health
  • Monitor patients anywhere
  • Signal critical vascular risk factors

ATCOR Medical Reimbursement Guide

Established by the AMA in 2016, the SphygmoCor® Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) procedure coding is reported using the CPT® Code 93050 and outlined in the ATCOR Reimbursement Guide.

See How Dr. Hunter Champion Uses SphygmoCor to Personalize Hypertension Treatment


"You really can't practice good clinical medicine now without measuring central blood pressure. You can’t predict risk. You can’t predict goals. You can’t predict treatment. You don’t know how stiff the arteries

Mark Houston
Director, Hypertension Institute, Nashville, TN

“I use SphygmoCor in my preventive cardiology practice—it’s an integral component of my cardiovascular risk assessment.”

Lee Marcus
Preventive Cardiology of New York, Somers, NY

Importance of Digital Vascular Biomarkers & Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA)

ATCOR’s SphygmoCor® XCEL PWA (pulse wave analysis) uses a standard brachial cuff to measure brachial systolic and diastolic pressures and capture a brachial waveform. The brachial waveform is then analyzed to provide a central aortic waveform. Noninvasive digital vascular biomarkers are calculated from the central aortic waveform.

Two patients with equivalent brachial pressures (Figure 1) but with significantly different central arterial pressure waveforms (Figure 2). The difference in waveform shapes, due to differences in arterial stiffness and the effects of wave reflections, affect the aortic but not the brachial systolic and pulse pressures.

ATCOR’s digital vascular biomarkers benefit patients everywhere

SphygmoCor at a Glance

All “Top 20 Hospitals” use SphygmoCor technology to measure central blood pressure (cBP)

1,400+ studies using the SphygmoCor technology have been published in peer-reviewed clinical publications.

8 out of Top 10 Pharma companies have used SphygmoCor technology in their clinical trials

Over 11,000 patients have been tested with SphygmoCor technology in pharmaceutical trials

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