Issue #6 November 2020 • 1 minute read

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  • Letter from CEO, Craig Cooper.
  • New research suggests potential for SphygmoCor® to manage brain disease.
  • What’s a better indicator of cardiovascular risk—coronary calcium or arterial stiffness?
  • Using Central Blood Pressure to predict risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Upcoming events.

From the Heart

Thoughts from our CEO, Craig Cooper


As we look back at the past year, it may be hard to see a silver lining in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, its economic challenges and the divisive political environment. But if nothing else, these forces highlight that what sustains us is universal. Without family, health, and supportive personal and professional relationships, we cannot create a better future. For these, I am thankful.

I am also deeply grateful that we live in a time where we have the technology to share data, rapidly develop lifesaving vaccines, and connect virtually with our peers and the healthcare professionals we rely on to keep us well.

At ATCOR we are also thankful to playing our part in developing solutions for the future health of all humans. Our SphygmoCor device was selected by the Artery Society in order to undertake the largest study to date on hypertension and Covid-19. Results from this study will help guide better treatments and prevention of the largest comorbidity for the pandemic.

Stay healthy, stay strong, and have a safe Thanksgiving.


New research suggests potential for SphygmoCor® to manage brain disease


A new study published by Oxford University, “Physiological determinants of residual cerebral arterial pulsatility on best medical treatment after TIA or minor stroke” measured the central aortic pulse pressure of 981 subjects using our SphygmoCor® device. The study found that aortic pulse pressure was strongly correlated to cerebral pulsation – a major cause of brain disease and stroke, suggesting that SphygmoCor parameters could be used as a potential tool to manage brain disease.

What’s a Better Indicator of Cardiovascular Risk – Coronary Calcium or Arterial Stiffness?


When it comes to measuring overall cardiovascular health, patients and doctors want to know what factors best predict disease. Coronary calcium scans have long been used to measure risk of heart attack, but they may not show the whole picture. To learn more about the pros and cons of calcium scans compared to arterial stiffness as risk predictors. Read the full article by Ahmad Qasem, Director of Research & Applications, here.

Can Central Blood Pressure Predict Alzheimer’s and Dementia Risk?


With new therapies for Alzheimer’s disease not faring as well as hoped, early detection and intervention are more important than ever. In this post, we explore the relationship between central blood pressure (CBP), brachial blood pressure and cerebrovascular disease in the context of new research. CBP – the pressure that the brain, heart, kidneys, and large central arteries are exposed to – can provide clinicians and patients more information to better predict the possibility of end organ damage, cerebrovascular disease, and other complications associated with high blood pressure. Read more here.

Upcoming Events


We’re excited to be a part of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s (A4M) virtual World Congress taking place December 12th and 13th. We will be showcasing clinician videos and resources on how central blood pressure measurement is helping A4M’s members combat chronic disease associated with aging such as hypertension and dementia. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to see the latest news and happenings.

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