SphygmoCor® Xcel

SphygmoCor® technology is used clinically for central arterial pressure waveform analysis to better inform blood pressure management. The SphygmoCor system helps physicians individualize care for patients with hypertension, renal disease, COPD, diabetes, and heart failure, among other diseases and conditions.

In clinical practice and clinical trials, SphygmoCor XCEL is the industry standard for noninvasive central blood pressure (NcBP) waveform assessment. SphygmoCor XCEL provides measures of the central arterial pressure waveform and pulse wave velocity as well as an assessment of arterial stiffness via waveform analysis (e.g. augmentation index, augmented pressure, and reflected wave magnitude).

SphygmoCor® XCEL PWA (pulse wave analysis) uses a standard brachial cuff to measure brachial systolic and diastolic pressures and capture a brachial waveform. The brachial waveform is then analyzed by SphygmoCor to provide a central aortic waveform. Noninvasive central blood pressure (NcBP) measurements such as central aortic systolic blood pressure, central pulse pressure, and an aortic augmentation index (AIx) are also reported.

SphygmoCor® XCEL PWA/PWV (pulse wave analysis/pulse wave velocity) adds aortic PWV measurement to the SphygmoCor XCEL PWA system. PWV is measured using a carotid tonometer simultaneously with a leg cuff to capture blood pressure waveforms at the carotid and femoral sites. Physical distance measurements allow SphygmoCor software to perform the velocity calculation.