Manage High Blood Pressure with Central Aortic Pressure

Manage High Blood Pressure with Central Aortic Pressure

The Role of Central Aortic Pressure in the Management of High Blood Pressure (PWA and Industry Development Programs)

Incorporation of central aortic blood pressure (cBP) monitoring into the development program provides opportunities to improve key decisions along the development pathway for cardiovascular products, particularly those targeting hypertension.

Non-invasive pulse wave analysis (PWA) is a technique that transforms the data from peripheral arterial pressure waveforms obtained into an evaluation of central aortic pressures. Incorporation of PWA into product development clinical trials for cardiovascular disease (particularly hypertension) has the following advantages:

  • Confirmation of hypertension at baseline and the precision (and reliability) of the baseline value.
  • Additional endpoints for evaluation of therapeutic effect.
  • Avoiding misleading information due to white coat hypertension.
  • Improved patient selection and benefit risk with additional information that can directly impact patient safety.
  • Providing supportive and potentially key data improving the likelihood of regulatory approval.
  • Assisting in decisions that optimize patient dosing with the objective of improving both efficacious and safe product use.


For products targeting cardiovascular disease, incorporation of central aortic blood pressure measurement and monitoring into clinical trials can improve key decisions during development (go/no go, endpoints, population characteristics, benefit-risk profile, dosing, etc.) and enhance the likelihood of both regulatory and commercial success.

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