Toni Hofhine Named President of ATCOR Medical

February 2023 - Compass Newsletter


Toni Hofhine Named President of ATCOR Medical

CardieX Limited (ASX: CDX) recently appointed Toni Hofhine as the president of its subsidiary, ATCOR Medical. Her onboarding is pivotal for the industry-leading digital vascular biomarker company as its clinical trial business continues to grow and ATCOR's sister company, CONNEQT, readies for the launch of a suite of new products and services.


Commenting on the upcoming growth within ATCOR Medical, Hofhine said, “I am energized to see a growing patient-centric focus across healthcare, clinical trials, and academic clinical research. Physicians and clinical researchers continue to advance personalized medicine by using ATCOR’s digital vascular biomarkers to monitor and manage our most prominent issues today – hypertension and related comorbidities. The launch of our CONNEQT Pulse at CES 2023 expands patient care and research access with an ‘anywhere and anytime’ approach, including underserved and rural populations with a history of socioeconomic healthcare disparities.”


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The clock is ticking! One month to go. Take advantage of exclusive package pricing on our industry-leading digital vascular biomarker toolbox to expand novel relationships between vascular health and disease with our medical devices. This is a significant offer for our US academic clinical researchers to advance primary and exploratory grant aims using ATCOR digital vascular biomarkers to improve health outcomes for chronic vascular diseases.

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ATCOR Partners With Invaryant to Enable Clinical Trials With Advanced New AI Medical Technology

ATCOR Medical announced our new partnership last month with Invaryant, a data-driven health technology company that empowers individuals with precision AI to improve quality, equity, and safety and provides comprehensive, integrated, high-quality data to accelerate research and innovation. We are thrilled with the advancements our new partnership will bring, allowing ATCOR and Invaryant to conduct clinical trials and research on maternal health and cardiovascular disease jointly.

In an effort to expand access and improve patient outcomes across clinical trials and healthcare research, the partnership will primarily focus on the integration of digital vascular biomarkers using ATCOR's SphygmoCor® technology into Invaryant's health platform, thereby enabling more patient-focused monitoring of hypertensive disorders that signal risk factors across multiple therapeutic areas (including maternal health and cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of global deaths and disability according to the CDC). Together, ATCOR and Invaryant are redefining patient-centric monitoring by integrating a collection of digital vascular biomarkers which will seamlessly correlate with imaging and molecular biomarkers to better understand and personalize a patient's vascular health.


CardieX Acquires Wearable Sensor Startup Blumio

We're excited to announce that CardieX has acquired wearable sensor startup Blumio, a Silicon Valley-based developer of advanced biometric algorithms and sensor technology for cardiovascular health.

Blumio and CardieX have been collaborating for over 3 years on wearable sensor development for cardiovascular health and we are all excited that Blumio is now part of the CardieX group of companies. With Blumio a part of our CardieX family, we look forward to future advancements in technology that will make positive advancements across healthcare, clinical trials, and academic clinical research!

In addition, Blumio CEO and Co-founder Catherine Liao has joined CardieX as Chief Strategy Officer, with Blumio’s Head of Product & Operations Steve Braaten joining CardieX as Operations Director. Welcome to the team, Catherine and Steve!


CardieX Case Review Published in Artery Research

A new CardieX case review was published in Artery Research, the official journal of the Association for Research into Arterial Structure and Physiology, titled “The Case for Non‑Invasive Central Aortic Pressure Monitoring in the Management of Hypertension.” The co-authors are critical members of the CardieX Limited team, including Chief Medical Officer Steven Kesten, our Chief Science Officer Ahmad Qasem, and Advisory Board member Alberto Avolio.

To summarize, central aortic blood pressure indices represent the blood pressure directly at the heart, providing the ability to predict cardiovascular events such as heart attacks, strokes, and death, as well as structural changes like damage to the heart, brain, and kidneys. In addition, the measurements provide information about the health of arteries, including stiffening (or "hardening") of arteries. Studies have shown that risks detected via this method are generally superior to data retrieved from a standard blood pressure measurement taken around the arm (brachial blood pressure). Importantly these central aortic blood pressure variables can be obtained non-invasively using CardieX subsidiary ATCOR’s SphygmoCor® XCEL system.


The CardieX Group of Companies Joins DTRA

The CardieX Group of companies, ATCOR and CONNEQT Health, joins an alliance of over one hundred and twenty life sciences and healthcare organizations that seeks to accelerate the broad adoption of patient-focused, decentralized clinical trials and research. The Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA) is uniting industry stakeholders, including healthcare companies, regulators, patient groups, and research organizations, with a singular mission to make clinical trial participation widely accessible by advancing policies, research practices, and new technologies in decentralized clinical research.

Toni Hofhine is co-Lead of the DTRA Priority 2C Initiative with Kim Williams, VP of Solution Design with Datacubed Health, focused on technology and data strategy best practices. Our goal is to expand the visibility of how decentralized clinical trials look at technology, providing a new vision of how innovative solutions, wearables, and data intersect with enhanced protocol designs to provide best practices for all decentralized clinical trials.

Commenting on the DTRA Priority 2C Initiative, Toni Hofhine said, “Our DTRA initiative is forward thinking on how we look at remotely collecting data within a patient’s home, what technologies and wearables are a best fit for the decentralized model, and how we can globalize a trial using technology to enhance their efficiency and compliance. We are collaboratively working with the other 11 DTRA Priority initiatives to provide new guidance that will be adopted across the clinical trial industry.”


About Us

ATCOR develops innovative medical devices and digital solutions that help identify and manage hypertension, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and other related vascular disorders such as Alzheimer’s and renal disease.

Using ATCOR's SphygmoCor® technology, researchers and clinicians are able to collect and assess clinically relevant digital vascular biomarkers to help facilitate better routine patient monitoring. These measurements also shed insight into subclinical changes in the arterial system that improve the efficacy of clinical trial therapies for chronic vascular diseases.

Read more about how our technological innovations can improve global health outcomes here.