About CardieX

CardieX is an ASX-listed public company with a focus on medical technologies, wearable devices, and telehealth solutions. We provide digital and device-based solutions for large-scale population health disorders with significant market scale. Our fundamental mission is to develop a significant and valuable healthcare ecosystem of complementary and strategic products and services in order to provide smarter tools to help identify, diagnose, and treat patients with confidence. Our core medical business (ATCOR) develops medical technologies that measure patient risk for hypertension, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and other related vascular disorders. Our wearable and "smart device" division (CardieX Labs in partnership with Blümio) develops noninvasive wearable technologies that identify patient risk profiles for hypertension, CVD, and related disorders. Our telehealth group (via our investment in InHealth) develops and provides clinically based health coaching to health insurance networks, private practice, and medical device companies.