About AtCor

AtCor develops and markets medical technologies that measure patient risk for hypertension, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and other related vascular disorders. We help clinicians with early detection of target organ damage and management of cardiovascular and renal disease.

Our SphygmoCor® technology enables researchers and clinicians to measure noninvasive central blood pressure (NcBP), the central arterial pressure waveform, central aortic pressures, and pulse wave velocity. Central arterial pressure waveform analysis, as measured by the SphygmoCor system, provides clinicians with better prognostic and diagnostic information to target interventions—effects which cannot be detected with standard brachial blood pressure measurement alone.

More than 4,000 SphygmoCor systems are currently in use worldwide at major medical institutions, research institutions, and in various clinical trials with leading pharmaceutical companies. Our technology is featured in over 1,400 peer-reviewed publications in leading medical journals.