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  • AtCor signs local health system agreement

    AtCor has entered into a three year network agreement with Emory University and Emory Healthcare of Atlanta, GA.

  • Study finds central aortic waveform improves and enables individualisation of heart failure treatment

    A recent study “Aortic waveform analysis individualizes treatment in heart failure” found that analysis of the central aortic waveform, as measured by SphygmoCor, could predict which heart fialure patients would respond to vasoactive drug therapy.

  • Tax Refund

    Refund received from the Australian Tax Office for $472,133.

  • Central Blood Pressure Associated with Cognitive Decline

    A new study found a significant relationship was observed between central blood pressures, specifically augmentation index (AI) and pulse pressure amplification (PPA), and mild cognitive decline.

  • Positive Novartis drug trial using SphygmoCor XCEL

    PARAMETER study results published in the influential journal Hypertension showed the new drug compound was more effective at reducing central aortic systolic pressure.